Thursday, April 7, 2011

NHL Oldtimers : Team Pictures

In last weeks final piece (Part 3) on Sid Smith, the story contained four photographs which came courtesy of Blaine Smith (son of Sid Smith). Three of the photos depicted very early editions of the NHL Oldtimers Teams. After doing some sleuthing and assistance from Blaine Smith and Pete Conacher, I can now match names with faces (for the most part). Only players in uniform are identified.

Back Row : (Left to Right) Bob Goldham, Harry Watson, Brian Cullen, Jackie Hamilton, Murray Ezzard.

Front Row : (Left to Right) John Henderson, Charlie Conacher, Sid Smith, Gus Bodnar, Herb Cain, Gus Mortson, Wally Stanowski, Murray Henderson, Cal Gardner.

Back Row : (Left to Right) Herb Cain, Bob Goldham, Murray Ezzard, Gus Bodnar, Wally Stanowski, John Henderson, Ivan Irwin, Hank Goldup, Harry Watson.

Front Row : (Left to Right) Cal Gardner, Murray Henderson, Rags Raglin, Sid Smith, Jackie Hamilton, Tod Sloan, Eric Pougue.

Back Row : (Left to Right) Unidentified, Harry Pidhirny, Ed Shack, Murray Henderson, Andy Bathgate, Wally Stanowski, Keith McCreary, Pete Conacher, Bob Roberston.

Front Row : (Left to Right) Norm Ullman, Aggie Kukulowicz, Wayne Moulton, Brian McFarlane, Ivan Irwin, Ike Hildebrand, Harry Watson, Bob Baun, Cal Gardner, Unidentified, Mike Trenton.


  1. I am trying to locate Blaine Smith, my next door neighbor and old friend. If anyone knows what Town he is in or can pass this message along, please do. My parents still live in the same house in Toronto. I can be located on Linkedin. Doug Wilson

  2. J. Amodeo,
    Thank you for the only information I can find on-line about Oldtimers hockey games. Can I send you an email with an attachment?
    Dennis Taves in Toronto

  3. My dad is Wayne Moulton. I remember as a kid going to see him play goalie with the Oldtimers

  4. Wayne is my cousin. He was part of my wedding party.


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