Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Willie Marshall : AHL Legend Pt.2

Yesterday, we concluded with the OHA granting Willie Marshall's wish of playing in Guelph with the Biltmores. Following the decision on October 6, 1950, Marshall played in his first game for his new team on October 13, 1950.

The ruling by the league called for Guelph to provide adequate compensation to St. Mike's. The Biltmores sent Ken Laufman and John Negladiuk to St. Mikes's. However, Laufman, who was being offered $75. per week to play, refused to report. On October 27, 1950, the OHA instructed Guelph not to play Marshall until the matter was resolved. The Toronto Maple Leafs sponsored club claimed that Guelph was attempting to hold onto Laufman.

The breaking point in this prolonged episode came on November 4, 1950. With the two clubs throwing accusations at one another, the league stepped in and took action. Since no resolution could be reached, they had no choice and here is the stunning twist. Marshall was ordered to return to St. Mike's and Laufman and Negladiuk were instructed to return to Guelph.

With all this turmoil going on, you would think Marshall's game would have suffered. Would he be so unhappy and lose his focus? In a game on November 27, 1950, Marshall clearly proved once again that all he wanted was to play hockey. He scored 5 goals for St. Mike's in an an 8-5 victory over the Waterloo Hurricans.

Marshall's statistics for the 1950-51 season breakdown as follows - Guelph GP-4 GOALS-4,  ASSIST-3, PTS-7 / St. Mike's GP-43, GOALS-29, ASSISTS-30, PTS-59 / Totals GP-47, GOALS-33, ASSISTS-33, PTS-66.

At the conclusion of St. Mike's season in early March of 1951, Marshall would play for his third team. He joined the St. Michael's Monarchs who were a senior team in the OMHL. The following year, 1951-52, Marshall departed for the east-coast  and played senior hockey in the MMHL. As a member of the Charlottetown Islanders, he scored 50 goals and 44 assists for 94 points in 84 games.

Tomorrow, we look at Willie Marshall's pro-career in the conclusion of Wille Marshall : AHL Legend.

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