Thursday, March 17, 2016


On March 17, 1934, the Toronto Maple Leafs honoured King Clancy before their game with the New York Rangers at Maple Leaf Gardens.

The Toronto Daily Star noted of the pre-game tribute: "It was also St. Patrick's night and there was much to-doing about this in advance of the match. In the ring centre (at centre ice) a giant shamrock was painted green and above and below the emblem "King Clancy" was printed in box-case letters."

Andy Lytle of the Daily Star went on to describe Clancy's enterance: "Half a dozen players figured in the good-natured hoaxing before Clancy came on as as King Cole. I expect. Anyway, he was a very  merry old soul and wouldn't you be, too, if they showered you with applause and fine silver gifts?"

As for the outcome of the game, the Leafs broke a 2-2 tie in the final frame when Ken Doraty scored the game-winning-goal to give Toronto a 3-2 victory. To open the game, "Clancy played the first period in a paddy green suit he reported for (in) the festivities."

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