Thursday, January 28, 2016


The first Original Six Alumni lunch of 2016 was held in early January. One of the great aspects of this gathering is the opportunity to meet new people. And this was the case to kick-off the new year.

The top photo shows John Brown, who made his first appearance at the lunch. His great grandfather, John Earls, was the founder of the OHA Toronto Marlboros. John is holding a book - 'A Great Game' - written by the former prime minister of Canada Stephen Harper.

Here is a passage from Mr. Harper's work relating to the Earls family and the 1905-06 Toronto Marlboros:

The Marlboros had again lost some key men in the off-season. This time, however, no new crop of regulars stood ready to bridge the gaps. Despite the allegations in Barrie and elsewhere of a capital-city bias, no OHA rulings came to the clubs rescue, either.
The subcommittee's pre-emptive crackdown gave the Marlboros no breaks on amateur declarations or residency certificates. Jack Earls, son of the club founder John Earls and brother of former captain Lal Earls, was denied permission to play after returning from a work stint in Buffalo.

The second photo shows a close-up view of the 1903-04 Toronto Marlboros team picture. John has marked the members of his hockey family in the image.

In 1903-04, the Marlboros lost a best-of-three challenge for the Stanley Cup to the Ottawa Silver Seven.

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