Thursday, May 22, 2014

Shirley Fischler: Paving the Way

The above photos (front & back covers) are from Fischlers' Encyclopedia written by Stan and Shirley Fischler.

As a young hockey fan, I would run home after school each Friday and make a beeline to our mailbox. Once inside the house, I would toss the junk (all the other mail) onto the coffee table and unfold The Hockey News. Without fail, I would search out Stan Fischler's column - it was a must.

Then, one Christmas, I received Fischlers' Encyclopedia and became familiar with Shirley Fischler.

As pointed out in an article following her recent passing, Shirley Fischler was a "...columnist, author, broadcaster and a journalist who forced Madison Square Garden to get women admitted into the press box..."

Shirley Fischler was 74.

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