Monday, October 21, 2013

Picture This

New Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment boss Tim Leiweke caused a stir over the summer when he suggested that photos of past laurels be removed from the Air Canada Centre.

After a number of Maple Leaf Alumni expressed their concerns, Leiweke reversed his course of action. Fan favourite Johnny Bower, acting as a voice of reason, eventually helped Leiweke see what all the fuss was about.

A Toronto Star cartoon (above) depicts Bower making one more save on behalf of his former teammates.

Back in January 1949, Leaf management took another approach when it came to photographs.


As the caption on the top picture indicates, Hap Day knew the importance of instilling past achievements into the mindset of rookies.

"After getting Johnny McCormack's signature on a Leaf contract yesterday, coach Hap Day, left, took the lanky Marlboro star on a tour of his office, showing him pictures of Leaf teams which have won the Stanley Cup," noted the text under the photo. "It was a subtle way of letting Johnny know the Leafs will need a lot of help from him if they're going to make a serious bid for their fourth straight world title," it goes goes on to read.

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