Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Headline: May 15, 1961

On May 15, 1961, came news of the death of a true National Hockey League pioneer - Tommy Gorman.

In his role as a general manager, Gorman won seven Stanley Cups. His ability to assemble talent resulted in the Ottawa Senators becoming a dynasty in the early 1920s. Gorman's squads were crowned Cup champions three out of four years from 1920 to 1923.

Over the next two decades, Gorman managed Stanley Cup teams in Chicago and Montreal (one Cup for the Maroons and two with the Canadiens).

Known for his sense of humour and willingness to call things as they were, are evident in the following story.

After another NHL executive was called on the carpet for tampering, Gorman confronted him. The smoking gun in this case was a letter Gorman's counterpart sent to an opposition player.

During their discussion, Gorman spelled out the true mistake his colleague made.

"You fool...why didn't you use the telephone?," Gorman asked his rival.

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