Friday, March 2, 2012

Blame it on Inflation

While going through some old papers, I came across this ad dating back to the early 1960s.

Imagine being a Detroit Red Wing fan trapped in a time warp for over 40 years and finally being released in 2012. Sure, you would be pleased with the recent Stanley Cup success your club has enjoyed and be filled with emotions to join in on the celebrations.

Then, comes a visit to the local souvenir shop. Tucked in your pocket is the vintage advertisement. Your pocket is full of coins secured when you cracked open your piggy bank. There must be at least ten-dollars in your bank roll. More than enough to decorate every inch of your den.

With one step into the retail outlet, you instantly become familiar with the term "sticker shock".

You can't believe your eyes. The price tags are sending you spinning - t-shirts ($24.99), Jersey ($174.99), pennant ($14.99), championship banner ($74.99), mini portable speakers ($49.95).

It is not only the prices which stagger you, but the amount of merchandise on the market. It suddenly hits you that at bedtime you can flop down on Detroit Red Wings queen size sheets ($71.95). Before nodding off, you set the Detroit Red Wings plastic alarm clock ($16.95). Upon rising in the morning you can make toast in the Detroit Red Wings silver team logo pro toaster ($39.95). After breakfast, you make sure your Detroit Red Wings golf bag ($229.95) is in the car for a day on the links.

Glancing down at the 60s ad, you can only shake your head - t-shirt ($1.50), jersey ($3.95), Red Wing emblem (.50).

You want to crawl back into the time warp, but you will  miss your beloved Red Wings, who are once again in contention for the Stanley Cup. Blaming inflation is a better alternative!

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