Thursday, December 30, 2010

True Grit

During this time of year, it is always a joy to read about someone overcoming a difficult situation, and being able to reach their goals.

In late December of 1949, hockey fans were following the plight of Vic Hunt. The story of the young goalie for the Weston Junior Dukes, a team sponsored by the Toronto Maple Leafs, is amazing. In the fall of 1949, as a result of an industrial accident, Hunt lost his right hand. Determined to continue in hockey, Hunt and a friend constructed a devise which would attach his goalie stick to the prosthesis that replaced his hand.

Vic Hunt returned to action in a game played on December 30, 1949. He was in goal for the second and third periods when the Dukes faced the Dixie Staffords in a Junior "B" contest. Hunt turned in an inspiring performance making 12 saves in a 4-0 victory.

As it is always said about those who play goal, they truly are a special breed. Vic Hunt's story is a testimonial of an athlete who played for the love of the game. No huge contract or bright lights to consider. Only courage and perseverance to return to the net.

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