Thursday, December 23, 2010

Showing Your Cards

Recently, the results of a poll conducted by Harris-Decima for Canada Post were released. The objective of this  survey was to delve into the trends relating to Christmas cards. Of 1,001 people participating, 8 out of 10 prefer receiving a card. In 2008, this figure was 71%. An average of 15.6 cards will be mailed per Canadian.

Of interest, the poll revealed that 60% have no intention of sending an electronic greeting. All this translates into Canada Posts volume of  Christmas Mail increasing by 2% over last year at this time.

Of course, during the holiday season of 1962, the digital option was not available.

The collage (above) provides a sampling of what folks in the sporting community were sending out during Christmas in 1962. Click on the photo for an enlarged version.

Here is an index for each individual card...

  1. Dick Shatto, Toronto Argonaunts
  2. Barb Wagner Grogan & Bob Paul, Skaters
  3. Rudy Pilous, Chicago Black Hawks
  4. Jack Adams, Detroit Red Wings
  5. Phil Boylen, Horse Racing
  6. Frank Pollock, Baseball Maple Leafs
  7. Johnny Gottselig, Chicago Black Hawks
  8. Clarence Campbell, NHL
  9. Toe Blake, Montreal Canadiens
  10. George Hendrie, Horse Racing
  11. Frank Conklin, Horse Racing
  12. Hap Day, Toronto Maple Leaf
  13. Punch Imlach, Toronto Maple Leafs

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