Friday, December 17, 2010

Dear Santa

As we approach the final weekend prior to Christmas, time is running out to get our wish lists to the North Pole. No doubt, Santa will be inundated with mail from fans requesting hockey books this holiday season. If one walks through the sports department of a bookstore, they will discover no shortage of hockey publications on display. An individual could easily fill a shopping cart with books ranging from biographies to instructional guides.

Such was not the case in 1899. In that year the very first book was produced about the game of hockey. Written by Arthur Farrell, the title of this true piece of Canadiana is Hockey : Canada's Royal Winter Game. Not a stranger to the sport, Farrell was a member of the 1898-99 Montreal Shamrocks who captured the Stanley Cup that season.

Hockey:Canada's Royal Winter Game
According to Library and Archives Canada, only 4 copies of this book have survived with the passing of time. The 121 page hand-book delves into the genesis and growth of the sport, training methods, strategy and rules. Also, it contains sketches and photographs of teams from that era. It was published in Montreal by C.R. Corneil.

Jumping forward to 2010, here are my recommendations for those with an interest in the Golden Age of Hockey (the Original Six Era 1942-1967).

Eddie Shore And That Old-Time Hockey
By C. Michael Hiam

Official Guide to the Players of the Hockey Hall of Fame

 Hockey Hall of Fame Book of Goalies


   The Golden Jet
By Bobby Hull with Bob Verdi

Tim Horton : From Stanley Cups to Coffee Cups
By Don Quinlan

Toronto Maple Leafs
Diary Of A Dynasty
By Kevin Shea

 How about it Santa?

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