Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time of the last Goal 11:59

It is the sort of game every hockey fan loves to see. A close contest with the home trailing, but still hanging in there trying to mount a comeback.

Dean Prentice
 That is the type of game the fans at Madison Square Garden witnessed exactly 50 years ago tonight. With the New York Rangers hosting the Boston Bruins, Bronco Horvath scored early in the third period to give Boston a 3-1 advantage.

Instead of giving up and writing off the rest of the period, New York focused on finishing strong. Camille Henry scored at 4:03, followed by Ken Schinkel's tying goal prior to the 8 minute mark.

With the clock counting down, Dean Prentice emerged as the hero of the night. The native of Schumacher, Ontario took a pass from Schinkle and took "a hard high shot" which hit Bruins goalie Don Simmons on the shoulder. At 19:59 the puck entered the net, completing the Rangers comeback.

It was a timely win for the Blueshirts. Coach Al Pike threatened to make changes if his last place club didn't start winning. One alteration made by Pike was placing Andy Bathgate on a line with Red Sullivan and Johnny Wilson. Bathgate scored the opening goal at 8:39 of the first.

A timely win in so many ways.

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