Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mad Men

Below are two advertisements from the early 1930's. The care to recruit the appropriate athlete(s) in each ad is really evident.

Hap Day

The simplicity of this ad is amazing. Hap Day in a classic hockey pose right next to the product. The play on words connecting the player and featured item. Remember, this was during the time of the great depression. Being able to take time out and enjoy a refreshing drink was a welcome distraction for many people. Also, sitting down to listen to Foster Hewitt on Saturday nights calling the brilliant play of Hap Day was an uplifting activity for the entire family. How many Mother's purchased this drink as a treat due to the association between player and product?

Conacher, Primeau, Jackson

One of the most famous lines in hockey history was the Kid Line. Young fans playing hockey at that time imagined themselves as being either Primeau, Conacher or Jackson. The desire to imitate their heroes went beyond the outdoor rink and slushy pavement in the winter. Decked out in their Sunday-best the trio showed their fans how to look sharp when not in uniform. Having the players dressed in "street-clothes" helps draw attention to the product, and the group concept doesn't fracture the audience. Hey, the advertiser must be doing something right if all three give their endorsement.

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