Friday, October 22, 2010

The Hockey Illustrator : Part Two

To say that Jack Reppen's career started early would be an understatement. While still attending high school in Toronto, he supplied the Toronto Daily Star with sports cartoons. Seeing that his talent was being recognized, Reppen changed the direction of his studies and concentrated on art courses. Eventually, he would work triple-duty for the Star (sports & entertainment cartoons), Prudential Life (advertising department), and pursue a love for painting.

His black and white cartoons in the sports section of the Daily Star blended a mix of art work and text. Reppen's cartoon would often set-the-scene for a game being played that evening.

Here are some examples of his work.

Tod Sloan, November 1957

Ed Cahadwick, January 1959

Father David Bauer, November 1962

Jack Reppen's dedicated work to his painting started to reap rewards with exhibitions and galleries buying his work. Unfortunately, Jack Reppen's life was cut short due to cancer in 1963,

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