Monday, September 27, 2010

A New Feature

How thrilling is it to wake-up to your morning newspaper and discover that a hockey story has made the front page. Sometimes they are team related. If a club makes a major trade or fires a coach, it is big news and requires the appropriate placement beyond the sports page.

Then, there are the stories that involve an individual, but not the game itself. They can range from a player being arrested to doing something special in the community. The wonderful stories of a sporting hero giving back to those who supported and helped him reach his goals.

When possible, I like to get as close to these stories as I can. Attending an event and asking questions certainly can get the juices flowing. Having the opportunity, after the fact, to snap photographs which may help "tell the story".

The main focus will be on the "away from the rink" news. The citizen as opposed to the professional athlete - "Mr. Smith" not "Defenceman Smith". When the person and his involvement  in a situation become a news story and not a hockey story.

Within this blog, these stories will be titled "When Hockey Makes The Front Page". I look forward to pounding the pavement and shooting a photo or two, along with documenting my observations.

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