Friday, May 5, 2017


On Saturday, April 29th, former Leaf, Tod Sloan, received his alumni jacket in recognition of the Toronto Maple Leafs 100th anniversary. The event was held at the Legion Hall in Sutton, Ontario.

The presentation was made by fellow Leaf, Ron Hurst (L) and former NHL defenceman, Ivan Irwin, who played with the Canadiens and Rangers.

Tod Sloan scored his biggest NHL goal in game five of the 1951 Stanley Cup Final. The Montreal Canadiens held a one goal advantage over Toronto late in the period three. With seconds remaining in regulation, Sloan tied the contest at the 19:28 mark of the third period.

A story in The Globe and Mail provided readers with this description of Sloan's equalizer. Max Bentley "worked his way goal ward firing through a maze of players. The puck bounced out, Smith (Sid) smacked at it and it hit the goalpost, the disc landing at Sloan's feet. Tod did the rest."

It "took the heart out of the Habs, cost them a victory they had locked up. It was like having a man steal home on you in the ninth to tie the score," noted another newspaper article.

Sloan's crucial tally sent the game into overtime. What came next is one of the most important moments in Toronto Maple Leafs history. In the extra-time, Bill Barilko scored the Cup-winning goal and by summers end, lost his life in a plane crash.

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