Thursday, March 5, 2015

Jerry Junkin: The 90 Club

It's not everyday you get to attend a 90th birthday party, so when the Toronto NHL Oldtimers celebrated Jerry Junkin reaching this milestone, it made last Monday's lunch all the more special.

Today is Jerry's actual birthday, but the party started early when family and friends gathered to toast the occasion. And there was a gift, Jerry knew he would be getting. It has become a tradition that when a former player turns 90, a gold plate is affixed to a chair noting his name. This is a very exclusive club, which now has 5 members. In addition to Jerry, those who have been honoured in this fashion include Wally Stanowski, Bert Conacher, Murray Henderson and Johnny Bower.

Jerry stands behind his newly plated chair. Sitting on the right is Wally Stanowski.

A close up shot of the plate

Jerry took over the microphone and thanked everyone for coming out, then belted out his famous 'Pig Song'.

Jerry surrounded by his family.

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