Friday, October 24, 2014

All in the Family

At the start of each month, I flip over the page on my Hockey Hall of Fame calendar in hope of seeing  a glorious black & white photograph.

October's offering is a brilliant action shot of Toronto Maple Leaf forward Harry Watson wearing sweater number four.

I had the opportunity to discuss this photo with Harry's son, Ron Watson, at a recent event. He pointed out that this is one of the better pictures of his dad when it comes to action shots. It provides an unobstructed view of Watson, in full stride and on the attack.

Ron noted the player chasing his dad was Chicago centre Max Bentley. Usually, it was Bentley being hunted down by the opposition. Bentley's stick handling skills made it very difficult to strip him of the puck. The Leaf player positioned behind Watson and Bentley is captain Syl Apps.

And Harry Watson wasn't the only member of the family to get press coverage.

The above photo appeared in the October 25, 1950, edition of the Globe and Mail. On the left is Ron and seen on the right holding a hockey puck is Barry Watson. The picture was taken following a practice at Maple Leaf Gardens.

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