Friday, October 11, 2013

Hockey or Baseball?

How many nights does one travel up and down the TV dial only to discover nothing of interest? Last evening, however, wasn't one of those occasions.

On Leafs TV the Toronto Maple Leafs took on Nashville, 48- hours after suffering their first loss of 2013-14. For Leaf supporters it was a chance to see how the Buds would respond. Despite their 3-1 record, most of Toronto's victories haven't been pretty. Their goalies, in particular Jonathan Bernier, get the credit for the teams first six points in the standings.

The one blemish came on Tuesday when Patrick Roy and company downed Randy Carlyle and company 2-1 at the Air Canada Centre.

If hockey isn't your game, Detroit and Oakland tangled in game five of the American League Division Series. The winner earning the right to advance against the Boston.

In today's modern world of advanced technology, there is no reason to miss any action. A split-screen feature enabled me to watch both hockey and baseball. One with audio and the other silent. Since hockey contains more fluid action, I decided talking heads weren't necessary. Baseball with its slower pace needed more spice and the banter filled the void between pitches.

From a visual perspective, it was amazing how similar in colour the Nashville and Oakland uniforms were. On the split-screen they appeared to blend together like mustard smeared on a hot dog. The boys of summer and winter sharing the same space.

A one-timer off a hockey stick being matched by a bat connecting with a baseball. A quick glove save by Jonathan Bernier. Detroit Tigers backstop Alex Avila using his catching mitt to prevent pitches from getting past him.

A black puck. A white ball. Ice on one side of the screen and grass on the other. Pitcher versus batter. One defenceman battling two forwards. Plays going off-side at the blueline. Foul balls down the first base line.A referee consulting with a linesman. The home plate umpire huddling with the third base ump.

When all was said and done, the Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Tigers prevailed. Bernier not allowing a goal and Justin Verlander not allowing a run.

I swear I could hear the television director say, "and fade to black." It was my cue to go to bed. There would be more to watch tomorrow night.

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