Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Fanatical Situation

How about this bizarre story from March of 1969.

In one way or another, we are all fans of a certain team or player. The word fan is a derivative of fanatic (a person who is moved by a frenzy of enthusiasm or zeal). As in all social settings it is a requirement to express our emotions in a non-violent manner. In particular, at sporting events where blood levels can rise to the boiling point.

At the Montreal Forum in a game between the Montreal Junior Canadiens and Hamilton Red Wings, one fan lost all sense of reason. Not to mention his mind. With a minute remaining in the game, the spectator unleashed a surprise towards the ice. The object was a frozen pigs head with a pair of teeth stuck into the corner of the animals mouth. The rock-hard head never reached the ice surface, but struck a 9 year old boy in the head. The impact knocked him out cold. At the hospital, he received stitches to repair a nasty cut over his ear.

On previous occasions, the same man was responsible for tossing rubbers (N0, not that type!), hats, toilet paper, a frozen chicken, and a dead duck.

The strange part of this (did I just write that?!) he was cheering on the Hamilton team. Being from Quebec, one would think he would throw his pig, I mean support, behind the Jr. Canadiens.

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